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Final Expenses Cover (Stepped Premiums)

Final Expenses Cover provides a lump sum payment of up to $15,000 on the death of the insured person.  This payment can be used for any purpose including assisting with the costs associated with a funeral and paying off any outstanding bills or small debts.

With Final Expenses Cover you can choose either Stepped or Level premiums.  With Stepped Premiums you pay less to start with but your premium is recalculated each year and is based on your age at the time and your current benefit amount.  Your premiums will generally go up each year as you get older especially after age 75 which is why we offer a special Cashback feature with this version of the cover.

The Cashback feature provides a lump sum payment equal to 5% of the amount of cover you’ve had in each year that you’ve had the cover.  The Cashback is payable if for any reason you decide not to continue the cover after the insured person turns 75, provided you’ve had the cover for at least 5 years.

Final Expenses Cover also comes with another very special offer - your first year’s premiums are waived which means there is absolutely nothing to pay for a full 12 months!

Choose an amount of cover from $4,000 to $15,000 to suit your needs and your budget
You can insure up to 8 family members on the one Plan
Generous Cashback payment if you decide not to continue your cover after age 75
Guaranteed acceptance for Australian Residents aged 0-80 regardless of your current health, lifestyle or occupation
Immediate cover for accidental death and then any cause of death after the first 12 months (no other exclusions)
No lock-in contracts and NOTHING TO PAY FOR A WHOLE YEAR!
Insurance is offered by Swiss Re Life & Health Australia Limited. Any advice that may have been provided to you is general advice only and does not take into account your personal circumstances, financial situation or needs. You should read the Freedom Protection Plan Product Disclosure Statement before deciding if this product is right for you. Final Expenses Cover is not a savings plan and it is possible that total premiums paid over the life of the cover may be greater than the benefit entitlement.

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How does the Cashback feature work?

The Cashback feature entitles you to a cash payment equal to 5% of the amount of cover you’ve have had in each year that you’ve had the cover.  Say for instance that you’ve had an average of $10,000 cover in each of the last 15 years that would be 75% (ie 15 years x 5%) x $10,000 = $7,500.

What this means is that if you if you decide not to continue your cover and the insured person is aged 75 or over, you would receive a Cashback payment of $7,500 paid directly into your bank account. You can put this payment towards the cost of a funeral or any other final expenses. No other insurance provider offers a Cashback feature like this.

The Cashback is an optional feature only available with the Stepped Premium version of our Final Expenses Cover and must be chosen at the time you take out your cover.