Taking Advantage of your Seniors Card

23 Feb 2018

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘senior’? If you’re thinking wheelchairs, walking frames and aged care homes you probably need to think again. In reality, the majority of Australians are incredibly active in their 60s, 70s and even well into their 80s! And one of the things that keeps them on the go is their trusty Seniors Card.

Far beyond cheap public transport rides and discounted insurance, a Seniors Card opens up a world of exciting possibilities for Australians over the age of 60.


Hit the Road

What could be better than hanging up your work boots and hitting the road? Seniors in Queensland can access discounted rooms from over 200 hotels. Package it up with 10-20% off car hire rates and the open road is yours to explore.

If you like to be spontaneous, there are regular special deals on offer to Seniors Card holders, including discounted accommodation, free meals and cheap entertainment. A visit to the Seniors Card website for your state will reveal which hotels and/or restaurants are currently featured, or you can subscribe to the various card-holder newsletters so the discounts come straight to you.

But if international travel is more your thing, don’t worry, you’re still going to get value for money. Travel agents and package deal specialists are among the many providers who offer senior discounts, covering flights, cruises and even travel insurance. Plus, if you decide to cross the pond to New Zealand, your Australian Seniors Card will get you access to many of the same over 55s discounts available to New Zealand locals.


Unleash Your Inner Masterchef

Love hosting dinner parties? Start by getting inspiration from your favourite foodie magazine. Australian Senior Card holders receive a further 10% off iSubscribe’s already discounted magazine subscription rates, where you can purchase titles like Delicious and Donna Hay magazine.

Then why not show off your culinary skills with discount ingredients. NSW seniors can take advantage of a new partnership with Woolworths. The supermarket giant is offering seniors a 5% discount on WISH eGift cards, which can be used to purchase groceries online. Add in further discounts for home delivery and you can swap your home brand olive oil for something a little more exotic! If you’re not in NSW there are still plenty of offers available with regional grocers.

And to round out the meal, you can also use your seniors card benefits to save on beer and wine. Discounts are offered by some of the best vineyards in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, as well as in WA and SA when you order at the cellar door or online. In NSW, use your WISH eGift card to purchase wine from Cellarmasters, Dan Murphy’s or BWS.


Write That Novel

Picture yourself as the next Patricia Cornwell or George R. R. Martin? Your senior years could be the best time to start on that novel you’ve been promising to write. Associations like the NSW and Queensland Writer’s Centres offer discounted memberships to seniors to help tighten their skills.

To help bring your novel to life, your Seniors Card can also secure discounts on computers, laptops and other tech products. Many of the businesses that supply these products also offer free or discounted training for seniors on computing, social media and even smart phones.

There are also a variety of universities and colleges that offer discounted short and long courses to seniors, so if painting or sculpting is more your thing you can still get creative. Plus, most major art galleries offer discounted exhibition tickets so you can seek out some inspiration.


Explore the Great Outdoors

In Victoria, Seniors Card is working with Sport and Recreation Victoria, Australian Camps Association and Outdoors Victoria to provide more age friendly camping and outdoor adventure activities. Discounts are available through a wide variety of camping and outdoor activity providers as well as resources that have been especially developed to help operators welcome and cater for older Victorians. Victorian Senior Card holders can even obtain an exemption from a Fishing License to fish in Victorian waters.

In other states, a quick search will help you track down tour operators, caravan parks and even fishing charters that accept Seniors Cards. You can also connect with walking groups that specialise in helping seniors get back to nature.

Every Australian state has its own version of the Seniors Card, but many of the benefits are reciprocal interstate, which means you can still access discounted accommodation and activities when travelling around Australia.

Of course, the best way to save with your Seniors Card is simply to ask. You’ll find lots of places offer a discount for seniors, even if they don’t advertise it widely!