How to Pack For a Winter Holiday

11 Jul 2017

As exciting as it is to travel in the chilly months, we all collectively struggle with the same dreaded thing – what to bring! Figuring out what and how to pack for your trip away can often be super stressful, so we’ve compiled a list of must-have things to prepare you for visiting a colder holiday destination.

Bring versatile pieces

When choosing which clothing items to take with you, do your best to ensure that everything matches; from pants to sweaters, coats to scarves – everything. This way, you can have a different outfit almost every day! For example, try to include colours such as white, black or grey that you can then build up with different neutral colours and textures from there. With that said, don’t be afraid to add a bold colour to your holiday wardrobe, but make sure you can wear it with other layers and know for certain that you won’t get sick of seeing that bright yellow sweater in all your pictures!


Accessories are a really important part of staying warm which are often forgotten about (or thrown in last minute without thinking). Accessories are not only there to help you fend off the cold, but by simply wearing a nice beanie, scarf or pair of gloves you can add a pop of colour without overwhelming your outfit. Woollen items are suitable for cold weather (provided there’s no rain!) Try to pack light materials that are thin but insulate warmth, which will therefore create more space in your suitcase. Look for socks made out of a high percentage merino wool, these are great as they are designed to keep your feet warm in the coldest of temperatures!

Ask yourself, ‘Am I REALLY going to wear it?’

How often do you find yourself only wearing half of the suitcase you packed when you’re away? We always tell ourselves ‘I promise I’ll wear it!’ but we often find ourselves wearing the same thing over and over.  With trips like this, it’s not the same as bringing 3 swimsuits instead of two, it’s do I bring 3 bulky jumpers instead of 2 – there’s such a difference! This can have a huge impact on what you can and can’t bring on your trip. Being thorough with your choices, bringing less and having a little extra space will allow for you to fit in some goodies to bring home with you!  

Don’t forget about your feet

As tempting as it is to bring your brand new never-worn boots, definitely opt for comfort you can rely on! 3 neutral coloured shoes for varying activities; for daytime (heavy walking), night-time (dinners) and casual day (daily activities) are a good quantity to take and you will definitely get good use out of all of them.

Wear your bulky items on the plane

If you’re travelling by plane, wear your thicker clothing and shoes to travel in, that way you can pack a few extra things.  If the jacket you’re bringing has pockets, stuff your accessories in the pockets. This not only saves space in your suitcase, it can easily double as a blanket or pillow and if you overheat, you can store your jacket in the overhead luggage area. Otherwise, put your heavy coats and more bulky items on the bottom of your suitcase which can be squished down by all your other belongings and create extra space and more ease when packing. If you really can’t squeeze that extra jacket in your suitcase you can always buy a warm coat or jacket at your destination to save some room.

Happy travels!