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How to Improve Your Daily Time Management

15 May 2017

Do you find it difficult to fit all your tasks and activities into one day? Is 24 hours just not enough? Well you’re not alone, time management is a daily struggle for many people. There are 24 hours in a day but sometimes it feels like an hour has gone by and sun has already set! To help you get the most out of each day, we have compiled a few suggestions to help you overcome the most common obstacles and start ticking everything off your daily to-do list.

Perfect your sleeping pattern

Yes, this one is obvious, but sleep is such an important part of your daily cycle! To optimise your health, you need to get an adequate 7-8 hours of sleep a night to allow you to be alert, less sluggish and a lot more productive throughout the day. People often feel that they should compromise their sleep to get more done, but this can have a detrimental effect on your overall well-being. Avoid being a night owl by using some of the tips below to improve your daily time management.

Be an early riser

Being refreshed after a good night sleep is a great feeling, but there is nothing worse than sleeping in, being rushed before work and having to run out the door in a hurry! If your schedule is packed during the day, use your mornings to take your time and catch up on news, read a book or have a relaxed coffee with your partner before your busy day. Start by adjusting your alarm by 15 minutes every couple of days, until you get used to the new routine.

Scheduling your day

A handy tip for when you are trying to improve your time management, is to schedule alarms/reminders before you go to bed for all the things you need to do the following day, everything from waking up, eating meals, phone calls, doing the washing and having a bit of ‘me’ time. This will help you stay conscious of your time throughout the day and make sure you don’t forget the important things you promised yourself you would get done. Tweak your alarms until they start to suit your schedule and once you get used to the flow of your day these things will just become part of a well-groomed habit with no need for reminders.

Avoid procrastination

If you really think about it, how much time do you waste each day? We always say ‘we have no time’ but how often do we find ourselves getting distracted and wasting half an hour multiple times a day? You can get an awful lot done in half an hour if there are no distractions! Remove distracting items from your immediate presence (like your phone) for small amounts of time, this will make a world of difference.

Learn to say NO

Depending on the type of person you are, sometimes we feel guilty saying no to small favours. We figure that it won’t take up much of our time and we are just doing something nice for someone else. Although this is okay most of time, there’s the chance that these small favours may start to pile up and you end up spending more time on someone else rather than worrying about what you need to get done! Avoid putting too much on your plate and focus on your priorities first and help others when you know for certain that you have the time for it.

Prioritise and take breaks

If you attempt to squash everything into one day you often end up rushing and not doing things as thoroughly as you would have if you had more time.  Prioritise the most important tasks to relieve tension, then disperse the lesser tasks throughout the week. This way you can ensure you get things done in a timely manner minus the stress!

Take small breaks each hour or whatever suits you best so you don’t overwork yourself. Whether that be stretching your legs at the office for 5 minutes every hour or having a rest after doing some housework, allowing yourself to re-group will give you that extra bit of energy to continue on rather than trying to complete a task all in-one-go. Use watching your favourite television show, a fun hobby or booking yourself a well-earned spa day as an incentive to complete these important tasks which inevitably will make your ‘me-time’ so much more rewarding!