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Taking Advantage of your Seniors Card

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘senior’? If you’re thinking wheelchairs, walking frames…

23 Feb 2018

5 Retirement Relocations to Inspire Every Tree Lover

Whilst a sea change is typically the most popular choice for retirees looking to relocate, there is an…

12 Feb 2018

7 Tips for Retirement Planning

Have you got the back-to-work blues already? Are you dreaming about your next holiday? Well, it may be…

19 Jan 2018

What to do with Your Grandchildren During the Xmas Holidays

For many grandparents, the start of the Xmas holidays means an increase in babysitting duties, as parents…

27 Nov 2017

Planning a Funeral – New Ways to Say Your Final Farewell

While we all enjoy celebrating life’s milestones – birthdays, weddings, the birth of a new child, etc…

16 Nov 2017

How to Pack For a Winter Holiday

As exciting as it is to travel in the chilly months, we all collectively struggle with the same dreaded…

11 Jul 2017

How to Improve Your Daily Time Management

Do you find it difficult to fit all your tasks and activities into one day? Is 24 hours just not enough?…

15 May 2017

Finding Love in the Digital Age

From mix tapes and boom box declarations of love, to Facebook likes and Tinder swipes, 21st century dating…

29 Mar 2017

Top 7 benefits of working out with a friend

Dear Exercise, Why do you have to be so hard; so laborious; so sweaty? Kindly, Your friend over 50.

01 Mar 2017

Good Morning Sunshine: How to be a morning person

Do you hate waking up early? Love the snooze button? You’re not alone. Improve your early morning habits,…

18 Jan 2017